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Contract specialised supplies

Integrate the Thrill International glass chillers into furnishings.

Machines for chilling glasses fitted for contracts, furniture manufacturers, and the nautical sector

If you are a contract company or furniture manufacturer specialising in creating professional furniture for bars, restaurants and nautical sector the Thrill International glass chiller is what you are looking for!

The Vortex SBI glass chiller was designed specifically to be integrated into worktops with an easy and aesthetically pleasing built-in installation.

Easy to install into any material – wood, quartz, steel, solid surface, etc. – it is a tool that enhances the services of your company and improves the quality of the drinks served to your customers.

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Quality, design and ease of assembly

Cocltail made using Thrill glass chiller

Products for professional use

The built-in Vortec SBI chillers are specially designed to meet the needs of professionals: reliability, simplicity, the ability to increase workloads.

For this reason, Thrill International is the perfect partner for furniture manufacturers and general contractors who want to provide their customers with a high-end product.

Design and production 100% Made in Italy

100% Made in Italy design

Thrill International glass chillers are 100% made in Italy to guarantee a refined aesthetic and are appreciated worldwide. Professional work tools that are also elements of the furnishings.

The built-in Vortex SBI is made entirely of stainless steel with a built-in mounting system that allows total and safe integration into any material: steel, wood, quarts, solid surfaces.

Quick and easy to install

Quick and easy installation

Vortex SBI is the built-in glass chiller that can be easily installed into any type of material in just a few minutes.

This ease of assembly allows you to install the Vortex SBI machine anywhere, on worktops, technical trolleys, stainless steel counter tops, quartz counter tops, according to the customer's needs to create a complete and ergonomic work station.

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