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Instant glass chillers to cool and sanitise glasses

Discover the complete range of Thrill International glass chillers: Vortex F1 Pro, Vortex Cube and Vortex SBI.

Thrill International glass chillers are professional tools to cool and sanitise glasses. They kill up to 88% of bacteria on the glass in a few seconds. The maintenance costs are very low: only a few euro cents for every beverage you serve.

Our glass chillers are designed for professional use that requires reliability, speed and the ability to deal with large workloads continuously.

Improve the quality of the beverages you serve your customers with Thrill International glass chillers. Find the most suitable model for your needs here. Click and learn more about our glass chillers, the Original version and LCD version, with standard or ERT supply and self-standing or built-in design.

Thrill International glass chillers are stainless steel and100% made in Italy to guarantee the best quality and a refined aesthetic.

F1 Pro

Discover Vortex F1 Pro, the original Thrill International glass chiller in both the Original or LCD version. The Vortex F1 Pro comes in stainless steel, black or white and ensures an ergonomic position for low workstation counters.


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Click here and discover Vortex Cube, the Thrill International miniature glass chiller in the Original or LCD version, in stainless steel, black or white colours, perfect to be used with tall counters work surface at an ideal height.


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SBI Built-in

Discover Vortex SBI (Special for Built-In), Thrill International's built-in glass chiller. It can be integrated into every kind of work surface and it includes a built-in dispenser. Also available for furniture manufacturers.


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Watch the video and find out how easy to use are our glass chillers

Best professional CO2 glass chillers

One hand usability


You can operate Thrill International glass chillers with only one hand.

Low co2 consumption


Our glass chiller consumes 50% less CO2 than our competitors.

No-freeze patented system


Patented NO-FREEZE system, the machine does not freeze when in use.

Long-life battery


Rechargeable long-life battery that lasts for several days without recharging.

It sanitises glasses and removes odours

All Thrill International glass chillers have a dual function: cooling and sanitising glasses.

They chill glasses from the dishwasher temperature to the required temperature in just a few seconds without using ice that can carry bacteria. You can decide how much to chill your glasses: only a few degrees or total icing, with a decorative frost to garnish your cocktails.

Glass chillers sanitise glasses thanks to thermic shock that kills up to 88% of the bacteria on the glass surface in few seconds. You can serve your customers tasty drinks, without unpleasant odours or aftertastes.

Thrill International glass chillers - Vortex F1 Pro, Vortex Cube e Vortex SBI - are made of 100% stainless steel in the following colours: steel, black or white. Available in Original or LCD screen versions.