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The latest THRILL minimal design. The ideal solution to sanitize and cool glasses instantly.

Freeze glasses instantly – ice and sanitise

The Vortex Jet represents the pinnacle of innovation in the tasting world.  A glass chiller with an elegant and compact design 100% engineered and built in Italy

This extraordinary device has redefined quality standards in the hospitality sector offering not only glass chilling, but also the ability to sanitize and eliminate unwanted odors.

The continued efforts of our design team allowed for a significant reduction in the physical size making it possible to create our latest and most compact THRILL VORTEX JET glass chiller.

This uniquely authentic, modern, and captivating design allows for an ergonomic workstation environment perfect for high counters, small spaces and ideal for catering services or counters with limited dimensions.


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Improve the quality of drinks

The complete Thrill International Vortex line is renowned worldwide for their reliability, high level of performance and low CO2 consumption

All our products were designed specifically for professional use and produced entirely of high-quality stainless steel with various color and setup options available, including our unique extended range option (ERT)

What makes the Vortex Jet truly extraordinary is its versatility not only as a valuable tool for commercial operations, but also as a high-end design element to complement any private home.

The Vortex Jet can significantly improve the taste of any beverage and establishes a new standard for operators in the HORECA sector who seek to elevate the overall customer experience and appreciate the quality and modern excellence that can only come from the industry leader.

Certified with CE and NSF approvals along with a 2 year worldwide manufacturer's warranty.

Thrill Jet creates a new quality standard for tasting cocktails and drinks.

Thrill Jet, the latest THRILL minimal design.

Testimonials from customers who have chosen Thrill International confirm that the use of the Vortex Jet has helped increase sales and build customer loyalty. 

Adding a Vortex Jet to your private home not only guarantees excellent performance, but also adds a touch of refinement and design while taking the tasting experience for you and your guests to a higher level.

10 Pros of Jet instant glass froster

Low CO2 consumption

5g per second (-50% compared to competitors)

Rechargeable battery

Standard version battery lasts 7 days

100% Stainless steel

Resistant and easy to clean

Two year warranty

Guaranteed quality!

Use with one hand

Quick and easy for professional use

Anti-freeze patent

Without pauses or interruption for many hours

Wow Effect

Eye-catching design


Just a characteristic hiss

All-weather electronics

Ready for outdoor usage

ERT option

Connect to tanks located 8m/26ft or 12m/40ft away


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