Il Baretto Riyadh: The most unique non-alcoholic experience in the world

The authentic Italian restaurant "Il Baretto" has opened its first international operation in Riyadh and has chosen THRILL INTERNATIONAL to add value to the creations of its bar.  What is unique is they are non-alcoholic cocktails without sugars and syrups, an experience completely different from classic fruit blends…. a mocktail.

Have you ever imagined enjoying a selection of totally non-alcoholic beverages which preserve the taste of the original mixes used in historical cocktails?  The Bar Manager of "Il Baretto", Marco Livia offers a list of 40 great classics such as Negroni, Boulevardier, Whisky sour, Spritz, New York Sour, Americano, Long island ice tea and a signature drink dedicated to our great poet Dante, and many others with an alcohol content of 0.0. All drinks are twist on classic of the greatest international drinks.

Founded by MJS, the new location of “Il Baretto” is the first restaurant in the KAFD (King Abdullah Financial District), an extraordinary district of Riyadh which is home to some of the most exclusive financial offices and residential addresses in the Middle East.

Renowned for its classic Italian menu, artistic design and engaging environment, it also immediately transmits an unmistakable “Italian vibe” to the guests. Of course, both the Bar Manager and the executive Chef Alex Simone use the highest quality raw materials (saffron, basil, lemon, orange ...) to offer the best gastronomic proposals in all of Riyadh.

A unique project in this luxurious sector where the creativity, quality and spirit of Made in Italy are further enhanced thanks to professional products such as the Thrill International glass chiller and sanitizer.

Bar Manager Marco Livia

With more than 15 years of experience in the Food & Beverage area: a passion born as a teenager that led me to choose the profession of bartender at high levels, working as Bar Manager also in 5-stars hotels and restaurants.

The passion and love for my job has led me to travel a lot and discover different cultures.

Always looking for new professional’s projects.

My strengths are: elegance, attention to the customer, creation of “Tailored made” cocktails, food pairing and the use of the best quality ingredients, mostly made by myself.

The love for my native country, Italy, and in particular my island, Sicily, leads me to always study and elaborate new cocktails with typical products of my homeland. 

Characterized by a great curiosity, I love discovering new tastes and scents to create the perfect drink.

Sharing passion and experience with my team, I always try to get across a very important message: an excellent cocktail is not just a drink, but the result of the way of making and serving it, body language, attention to detail, presentation and above all the passion of the maker.

Raise your glass and toast with us!