Mario Hofferer Bottled Cocktails: offer your customers excellence and luxury "ready to drink"

There is a revolution in the hotel and restaurant industry: the art of "ready to drink" cocktails.


Just add ice and serve in a chilled and sanitized glass from THRILL and you can offer your customers a unique sensory experience while maintaining highest levels of quality.

Fast, excellent, simple: these are the Bottled Cocktails of Mario Hofferer.


The cocktails have been crafted by the creative perfectionist, Mario Hofferer.  He has earned double world cocktail championships, a five-time Austrian champion and International Bartender of the Year 2017/2018 (IBA).


He uses only the best selected ingredients with perfectly balanced aromas and a glamorous presentation of edible glitter, his products give life to classic cocktails with a modern twist. He has produced 10 different cocktails which all demonstrate his unique creative flair while providing consistent quality and better service to the customer.   Energetic, sparkling, creamy, sweet, sour or bitter…there are cocktails to suit all tastes!


Mario Hofferer is in high demand worldwide and has even served his cocktails at the Champions League final in Paris. He also organizes the spectacular world famous "White and Silver" mixology events at Ocean Club Marbella.

You can buy "ready to drink" cocktails on the e-shop 

Also perfect for an evening at home with friends or for your private parties.